Poems DO NOT Have to Rhyme

Poems DO NOT Have to Rhyme

A Lesson by Emily

How you can make a good poem that doesn't rhyme and how you can improve your rhyming skills


Sure, some poems are amazing with the rhymes they come up with but as a matter of fact some poems don't rhyme. Those are some of my favorite. 
The only thing with no rhyme scheme poems are you have to find words that flow very smoothly with each other. You can't have "the leaves blow, Like my asthma" no. It sounds choppy and has no rhythm. If you have something that even sounds pretty and 'goes with the flow" like for example: "the leaves blow freely, How i wish my soul would be." its sounds less choppy and more emotional which helps connect to the audience. 

Although, with rhyming poems there are some that just don't work with the whole story of the poem. If you start saying something like "The leaves blow free, Like a pee" it doesn't make sense and it ruins the whole essence of the poem. don't be afraid to use a rhyming dictionary! there always a great help!
For a recap remember that good poems don't always have to rhyme, and poems that do rhyme shouldn't NOT make sense! 

Write on:)

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Posted 4 Years Ago

Cool... It makes sense I always thought of poems that rhyme and poem that don't rhyme are great.. My opinion
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