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The facts have to be believable and sometimes real


Well, I think the first part to getting a good sci-fi story is to get the facts right.  The facts are makes it science and the fiction part is your creation.  If you add those together you get real stuff with imagination.  So let's take some sci-fi T.V. show.  First off, they introduce the surroundings: Earth, space, space ship, space dock, etc.  Take note, this is what they usually do.  It has to be believable;


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Posted 7 Years Ago

...And don't do something unutterably stupid like have a character use a suction cup to hang on to the outside of a space station.

You have the right idea here, but this "lesson" is far too short and lacking in details and explanations to be helpful.

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Posted 8 Years Ago

In other words, be technical. Describe the science involved and make it believable even if the science involved is not really all that accurate.
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