Basics to Science Fiction

Basics to Science Fiction

A Lesson by Julia Simoneau

These are a few of the basics for science fiction. Every author writes differently, so some of my basics will help you create your own base.


With many of these courses, the lessons are rather long. In my course, I shall simply give you the basic tools to write your own piece. Every author has his own writing fingerprint, so I want you to learn what your fingerprint is.

The Basics:

*Research! Although this is science fiction, there must be science fact within it to make it believable. In cases where the setting is in a foreign time period, research modern knowledge, then apply it to your topic. It creates a far more believable outcome.

* Hold the foreign tongues please. In many science fiction pieces where aliens are used, the author will spend a while creating a new language. However, the new language can confuse the audience, so try to write in a known tongue.

* This is a story Make a plot! You would not believe how many times and the plot is simply a shallow science fiction. Write sub plots and use different literary devices. The science fiction is just genre and not the whole plot. As with a cheesy romance story is just about two people kissing with no conflict, a science fiction with no conflict is quite dull.

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Posted 5 Years Ago

Thanks for sharing such an article! I just love fiction and science and after reading this article I can easily relate to my online social science project work and assignment.
Ash Lee,
Online Social Science Student.

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Posted 6 Years Ago

Needed the input! Thanks

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Posted 6 Years Ago

I am working on a Sci-Fi manuscript based in the modern world, and physics/cosmology are playing a leading role in the plot formation and unfolding in ways that inspire me to do better... Great advice

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Posted 7 Years Ago

I am about to begin writing a story, and i am greatly considering choosing sci-fi has my genre, so thank you for this ! (: Please keep posting, and i hope you do well in your writing!
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