Lesson One - Knowing How You Like It

Lesson One - Knowing How You Like It

A Lesson by Scandalous

Do you like it rough? Or soft? Are you dominant? Or do you want to be control? How do you like it?


Do you like sex rough? Or soft? Are you an animal, ready to pounce on your partner at the first sign of want? Or are you waiting, blind, for the tantalizing hands of your master? Sex is the way to pleasure yourself, maybe even your partner, depending on the mood, but knowing how you like it is a huge part of writing Erotic literature. Ever read "The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty" by Anne Rice? She liked it rough. Her books seep with her wanting to be taken over, how she wants her man to toss her to the bed and f**k her however he wants. Knowing how she wanted it made her stories all the better. 

Close your eyes and imagine the last rendezvous you have had, if you can't remember the last time your lover ever pounced you, or vice-versa, than slip your hand between your legs, shut your eyes and imagine the best sex of your life. Open your eyes. Pick up the laptop or else a pen and paper and remember it. How did it make you feel? Are you still shaking? Is the orgasm filling every inch of you, even though it has long been over? Write about it. 

Start with a simple scene, maybe you're a romantic, maybe you are an everyday house wife and you want it to be realistic. Either way will work, the scene doesn't matter as long as the kitchen doesn't suddenly develop a bed out of no where. Once you have your scene pick your favorite foreplay move, have your partner kiss your neck, nibble you ear, or twiddle your n*****s beneath your shirt. Add your foreplay from there, nothing is wrong. Sometimes men are turning on by watching their girl play X-Box, if that is how you want it to go, than go for it! 

We will discuss how to move from foreplay to foreplay increase to sex, to orgasm, to downfall later. Right now just focus on how you can imagine that steamy scene; but emotion is how you are going to sell this story. Whether you are feeling loved, or confused, work with it. You can feel absolutely nothing during foreplay, and then feel like magic once the sex begins. Roll with that, hell!, add more emotion if you find that you're soulless! As long as it sounds normal to you! 

This is the end of "Lesson One - Knowing How You Like It" Feel free to send me your work as a part of the course, I will be happy to read and comment if you wish. Just please entitle it close to "Knowing How You Like It". Hope you enjoyed my lesson! The next will be here soon!


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Posted 5 Years Ago

My mood changes from time to time, what do I do then?

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Posted 6 Years Ago

Thanks(: I will be following your lesson. I'd like to learn how to right good erotica.
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Fuquay, NC

Im an erotics writer. I enjoy the passion that evaporates from the feeling people put in writing sex. Hope mine are good!