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Welcome to Lesson 2 on Platforming, and not the game platforming unfortunately. Platforming is essentially Social Networking that writers need in order to broaden their chances of being noticed and published. It's gotten easier because of the advances in technology to publish your own work for a few used pennies. But true success comes not with money, but your platform. The more people that know about you and your work the better and hopefully these tips will help you out. If anyone has any questions or needs me to explain something in deeper detail, please just express your questions and concerns in the comment section below. Thanks and enjoy these tips on Platforming!


Ways to Build your Platform

Profile bullet 1 by Ponnui Clarify the kinds of writers you want to connect with.

Profile bullet 1 by Ponnui Ask questions! The more you know the better!

Profile bullet 1 by Ponnui Don’t promote anyone online who you wouldn’t promote in real life (DeviantArt/WritersCafe included).

Profile bullet 1 by Ponnui Study your competitors; What are they doing better than you? Instead of getting angry, get smart. 

Profile bullet 1 by Ponnui Either for practice or for any Social Media site: write a brief bio. Include your website URL (if you have one), relevant professional credentials, recent publications (online or off), signature self published efforts and professional partnerships. Anything showcasing your writing talent can be included.

Profile bullet 1 by Ponnui There are literature graders online that can gauge the effectiveness of your blogs, articles, stories etc.*

Profile bullet 1 by Ponnui Ask yourself what new ideas you have; write them down and keep track of them.

Profile bullet 1 by Ponnui Readers want to know what books you’re reading; do some reviews. (good reads & Redroom)**

Profile bullet 1 by Ponnui Reply to comments! This is extremely important because it shows you're taking the time to respond to those who took their time to read it. Wow that's confusing, but it's still important!

Profile bullet 1 by Ponnui Take five minutes to write a quickie mission statement about why you’re on fire about your topic.***

Profile bullet 1 by Ponnui Find other passionate people. Their enthusiasm will no doubt pass over to you on days when you feel unmotivated or down.

Profile bullet 1 by Ponnui Make a list of writers you admire and follow their examples.

Profile bullet 1 by Ponnui Ask for feedback! Don't be shy about it. This works great on writing/art sites because there are literally art fanatics EVERYWHERE! 

Profile bullet 1 by Ponnui Work hard to maximize everything you write. Use your resources wisely and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it!

Profile bullet 1 by Ponnui And the most important tip (not just for platforming, but life in general), be yourself!****

 I had some Graders written down but they no longer exist. I will post a Journal with great websites for writers soon so I'll search around for some if people are interested.
** Redroom is currently undergoing a domain change so their website is down until further notice.
*** A Mission Statement is a summary of ones goals and values. 

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