Ideas are Ideal Part 1

Ideas are Ideal Part 1

A Lesson by mpotter

Obviously, you can't write fiction without an idea. This lesson informs you all you need to know about them.


Finding Ideas

Ideas are like fireflies. They are beautiful, and shining. The tough part is looking in the right place to find them. Most of the time, perfect ideas don't just pop up right in front of you, they are shy inside your mind. You are full of them, even if you do not know it. Crazy, you say? Believe me, there are millions of ideas everywhere. Now that I said that, you may be frantically screaming at random household objects, demanding ideas to come out of them. But, if you demand ideas to come out of hiding, they will only become shyer. Open your senses. Be aware of your surroundings. Something will show itself.

**Idea Hunting**

Here you will find advanced ways to capture ideas without being forceful:

1. Stare at one object or person at a time. Think about different situations it could find itself in.

2. Listen to music and always be ready to pause or rewind. Listen closely to lyrics. Music can be inspiring.

3. Read. Read. Read. Nothing inspires you more than reading.

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