Plot the Plot Part 2

Plot the Plot Part 2

A Lesson by mpotter

Plotting: Points


Points: What are they?

Points are all the places in between the beginning and the end (a.k.a. Point A and Point Z). There can be as few points as 3, or as many more as you would like. And of course, there can be more than 26 points(A1, A2, A3). These points are every plot twist, every little step. A plot may sound like this:

A: Spaceship lands on earth
A1: Aliens come out
A2: Girl is kidnapped

And a plot may sound like this:

A: Beginning
B: Meet Characters
B1: Meet main character

Points: How do you get to them?

Points are all connected, but how? How do you get from A to B? You can't just skip around randomly. For example, if A takes place at home and B takes place at a pizza parlor, you have to tell how they got to the parlor. It doesn't make much sense for characters to go scene to scene without a transition. Descriptions and small actions take you from your current place to your destination. Use it the same way we do in real life. Describe how they got to a pizza parlor the same way we would (unless it is a different genre).


Describe the way YOU would get from point to point.

1. Couch to bedroom

2. Office to home

3. Beach to airport

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