The Who Part 4

The Who Part 4

A Lesson by mpotter

Characters: Finding out if you know your characters, if you do, you should be able to know how they would react in different situations.


Do you know your characters?

You need to know your character. If you do, you should be able know how they would act in different situations. Compare reactions to others' reactions. If you don't know your character, you won't know how thy would react. Then you would force them to react your way. Don't force your characters to do anything they do not want to do. Characters should be free to be themselves. Besides, it sounds awkward if you force your character into something. For example, does it seem natural for a quiet character to all of a sudden yell at their dog? It can happen, if you make it work. You must have a reason.


I name a situation, you figure out how your character would react:

1. Their home is flooded.

2. They are asked to join a fancy college for free.

3. Their best friend is murdered.

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Added on December 21, 2011
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