Understanding The Basics (Intentions)

Understanding The Basics (Intentions)

A Lesson by McBear

In this lesson I will explain a little about intentions of the person writing a review and how to take reviews into constructive purposes. :)


This was taken from my Poison/Cyanide Talks Series :)

Passion: The word we use to describe something we enjoy to do. The word we use when someone questions us about why we enjoy doing something so much. This addition of Poison/Cyanide talks will be a mixture of a “how-to” and general information.

I have a large passion for writing; I enjoy to write poems, stories, and novels. Even though I have never finished a complete novel, I am working on that as a goal. Oh and before I continue, I have a passion for electronics, which I will get to another time, heh.

People often tell me that they enjoy my writing and see improvement. Have any of you ever wondered how I got this far? Or anyone else? I call it “Passion Building” Wanna know the first step to making a passion stronger and better? Practice at what you do. If you like to find glitches and bugs in video games, go find a new game and test it. If you like to write, write!

Hold on, though. There is something very important you need to know first. In order to get better at something, you need to show people and have people show you. When someone gives you critique, they are in the standpoint of helping you so you can get better, regardless if they care or not, they are still using time to help you get better and to most likely help them too!

Now, I understand taking critique isn’t easy. It can be stressful. I put this simple step by step guide to help you :)

  1. Read the critique and analyze the tone. Are they angry? Happy? Sad? Make sure that you soak in there feelings first.

     2. Read the critique again using their tone so you can see what they are seeing more clearly.

     3. Think about what they said and how you can reflect it upon your writing. You do not have to but it might be an idea :) Ask others for opinions too!

    4. See your skills grow.

Here's a silly side note: I am not very good at cooking but I came better at watching my brother who has been watching my mom for quite some time when I wasn’t too interested. (He is younger) I try and explain to him (After he won’t show me) that when you get older and want to become a professional chef, you will need to show people to prove your skill/ work at your place. He still doesn’t believe me, lol.

Well, that’s about it guys. Hope I helped you in some way or provided some knowledge!

Have a good day all :) If you haven’t, make sure you read the other is
sues of cyanide/ Poison talks!


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