The Setting

The Setting

A Lesson by E/Ǝnigma

so this is setting, I don't understand the point of description. I'm just talking about setting. *shrug*


    So I started school like two weeks ago and that's why I haven't written this. I'm only writing this now because I'm at war with my story right now and don't feel like ranting on Tumblr about Mortal Instruments yet. SO YEAH Setting, don't worry this shouldn't take as long as The Character did (I promise to never do that again).

    1. TIME!! well since you've already created your main character and you have your idea time should be really easy. Are you in Past, Present, Future, no concept of time? Writing a book is basically saying "I DO WHAT I WANT!" so do whatever you want with time. But sub-pointers.
     A. Past - when writing in the past, no matter if you are trying to be accurate or not, add in a fact that happened in history and warp it to meet your creepy fantasies. Like with what they did with Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer - I thought the Civil War was about something completely different but no, it was about vampires. Which would have been cooler.
     B. Present - there is only so much you can say about the Present, still add current events that are sensitive to other people. We are writers, push bounds - make it so that they make your book illegal - that just means it's scary good.
     C. Future - GO HAM! Future is just another way of saying what you think what will happen. Create anything you want, give it funky names and crazy people. Future is Fun.
     D. No Concept of Time - so what do I mean by this? There's many interpretations: in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged you never saw a year. It made the book eternal. OR you could have multiple timelines overlapping each other - the future and the past together. Hey, it's your book.
    2. COUNTRY? After I've figured out what time my character is from I generally try to think if they if live on one of the seven continents.
    3. After that I normally stay in the US so I pick what CITY, STATE, ETC. I am like crazy, so I use where they live as a reflection for who they are or combat who they are. And when I say I'm crazy, I'm like crazy detail-oriented. I live in Georgia okay but when I write outside my state I research the mess out of that state and the surrounding area. You don't have to be crazy like me but it helps. *smile*
    4. SCHOOL! This is if they're in grade school or college but like with the previous, I research the mess out of where they learn. I know more about my character's school than my own. Again I use this stuff like Grades, Friends, Activities to give more insight to my character's world. My characters will never do something to do it.
    5. SEASONS OR MOOD. I absolutely love seasons, I love describing what's around in that time. I normally use the Season to set the mood for the book. And if you don't know how you need more help than I can provide. Look up Symbolism for the Seasons. Google is your friend.
    6. DAY-TO-DAY. What does your character's general day look like? Who are his/her friends? *Also: Personality will shape this.*
    7. FIVE SENSE! Use your characters five senses for the setting. Ask yourself:
     A. Sight: What does he/she see? The countryside or the city? Crime or peace? 
     B. Smell: What do they smell? Do they live a near nice smelling things or dirty rotten junk?
     C. Hear: What kind of sounds are around them? Neighbors screaming, horses, taxi cabs, loud music?
     D. Taste: What food is around them? Vegan or Carnivore? Sweet or Bitter?
     E. Touch: What kind of things around? The nightlife? The people? Sticky-fingers? Etc.

I like the number 7 so I'll stop there. No one seems to want to comment, so I have no idea what to write next. Are we already at Plot... well then we'll talk about plot. I guess. Awe crap the Plot has like 5 steps.... I can't. You people have it easy, All you have to do is read.

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Posted 9 Months Ago

This information on the three sections was VERY helpful. Thanks to you I have the information that I need to start writing my book.


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Posted 5 Years Ago

a course in bullet point form...brilliant!!
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