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A Lesson by V. Germanotta

What exactly do you do when you begin writing? We put it in the context of food!


You don't necessarily have to have something plotted out in your mind, but you have to have an idea of how to start, where you're going and how you're getting there. If you don't want to remember things, my suggestion is to write it all down, then. If you do find that you're capable of remembering then be sure to make everything ADD UP. If what you write now contradicts what you write later, then you need to change something. Quickly. You don't want to confuse your readers. 
There's a START: It's the skeleton on which the body is built, the foundation upon which the house is made; where you begin your writing, introducing all of your characters, setting, and brief insight into what will happen in the book. The appetizer! It must be delicious or nobody will want to continue reading. Believe me. If you have a gross appetizer, chances are you'll ask for the check and leave.
There's a MIDDLE: Which is the bulk of the story. Really what you could call it is the meat and potatoes. The starch and meat of the story are really the most important parts of a meal. You must be sure to make this part of the story entertaining and appealing. Not only that, but it has to make sense. Remember this is leading up to the end of the book which is the dessert. Therefore this has to make you WANT to continue reading. Of course the vegetables are in there. The part that you don't really care about but you must have. In that case, make those vegetables the best possible vegetables! Just because you have to have it doesn't mean it has to taste bad. Just because you have to have some less exciting parts of the book doesn't mean they have to bore you. They should be equally entertaining as the rest of the book.
There's an END: This is the finale to your book. You don't want to write an epic tale and end it with a tired, droll ending. You want something amazing that makes readers glad they read your book. Otherwise, you're just letting them down and selling out. Imagine you've had an amazing, delightful meal and it ends with this: grocery store, generic brand vanilla ice cream (not even French vanilla). I don't know about you, but I'd be infuriated. You want the delectable meal to end with something delicious and delightful. Amazing creme brulee, scrumptious tiramisu! Do not end your book with generic, artificially flavored and sweetened, store brand vanilla ice cream. 

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Added on January 23, 2010
Last Updated on January 23, 2010

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V. Germanotta
V. Germanotta

Germantown, MD

I'm a young but serious writer. I would really love critique on my work because I want to publish it. I'm really trying to improve :D