I Beg To Differ: Dream Vs. Goal

I Beg To Differ: Dream Vs. Goal

A Lesson by Carrie Ann G

Is there a difference between a dream and a goal?


We all have dreams, right?  So, what is the difference between having dreams and making them come true?

Let’s go consult a dictionary shall we?

Dream: “a condition or achievement that is longed for; an aspiration.”

Goal: “the object towards which an endeavor is directed; an end.”

So therefore, Dream tends to be passive while Goal is all about action.


In other words, you can dream big and you can dream small; heck, you can dream all day and all night long if you want but (yes, there is a but here), if you want to make a particular dream come true, you need to put it into action.   You need to set a goal, a directive, have a game plan on how to turn that dream into reality.

“Dreams can inspire you, but goals can change your life.”

Do you have a dream that inspires you?  Then let it guide you.  Motivate you.  Drive you until it becomes a reality.

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Added on August 6, 2016
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Carrie Ann G
Carrie Ann G

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Adirondack native who, not in her right mind, relocated to North Dakota. Short-story writer/poet/citizen journalist; has a mind that never sleeps!