Am I good enough to be a writer?

Am I good enough to be a writer?

A Lesson by Squeve2021

Just read the thing and find out for yourself!


Many people have tons of notebooks filled with words. You are probably one of them. Everyone has a desk filled with ideas and everything anyone would ever need to write. Does that make them writers? That is a question hundreds of people ask themselves. How do I become a writer? Even students in high school will say they want to become a writer. News flash, that's not how it works. You don't have to wait to be a writer. Now, that doesn't mean you can be a writer in an instant, either. Confused yet? Keep reading, let me explain.
Now, if you look up the word writer in a dictionary you will get many definitions. All of them are correct, obviously, but none of them apply to you with the exception of actually have written a book or write for a career. In that case, I don't know why you have joined this course. Anyways, to actually look up the word is a waste of time. If you are trying to lower your self esteem as a writer go right ahead and ignore me.
Still here? Good for you! To be a writer is really quite simple. Just like in the book The Giver, you must have certain qualities. These qualities can be developed over time so please don't choke on air. The most important quality you must have is dedication. 


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I'm a writer. That's the most important thing you should know about me. Not only am I a writer, but I'm a proud writer.