Two Types of Revision Tools

Two Types of Revision Tools

A Lesson by Edgar A Stonehill

Summarizes the two types of revision tools


There are two types of revision tools available for writers.  

One is word processor based. So if you create using MS Word or OO Writer these tools are already on your system, and all you need to do is implement them.

The other is server based. This involves installing a server and a client. For most writers these two pieces reside on the same machine.  This model is much more robust, and is useful for large complicating pieces that span multiple files and folders.  Additionally, this model facilitates collaboration and also allows writers to keep notes about each revision seperate from the revision itself. Most importantly, it facilitates backups of all your work!

Regardless of which one of the two types of revision tools you settle on, I hope you read both sections.

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Added on February 11, 2010
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