Class is in Session- Introduction

Class is in Session- Introduction

A Lesson by Kenna Marie

Welcome to the merriment and joyride of figuring out why writing long is now a corpse.


Perhaps, since I am teaching you, I will introduce on why I feel this is important to address: People can go on so long feeling that they are stuck where they are. I put pressure on my shoulders to write elongated sentences, which then turned to paragraphs, which then turned to pages and those pages turned into an entire story. I would be proof-reading and come across more than once, how I got from point A to point B without losing a bit of tread. Below are some clarifications on why writing shorter works better for me, and may for you.
-I can go on a rant if I am prepared with a writing prompt outline, otherwise it is hard for me to target a topic without a structure. This is why creative writing or writing in general within extended length can be cumbersome, for even if you prepare yourself to the best of your capability, sometimes elaborating on a subject you can make up allows flexibility (sure) but I argue that we can lose the main focus and the points necessary for a continuing attention grasp.
- I can approach situations/scenarios in my articles/poems/etc better without getting lost in the jumble of words I am tackling.  Reminder to keep you on track: We are battling critics here- not the words friends.
- Since sometimes it is really inappropriate to take someones time up, I've trained myself to keeping my conversations "short & sweet". This has given me a new perspective as to when something is necessary to chime in, or not at all. You have to analyze each circumstance and determine whether the information at hand is really worth it.
-I have patience when it comes to observing others, but we are all born with some stage fright AKA when the spotlight is all on us in a large crowd. I picture this happening in my head when I start to ramble off, bringing me back to the reality that the spotlight is on me as a writer and if I want to do this right, I can't stand on that stage forever, can I?
-It seems to me like we are a breed of simplicity and something that is not time consuming. I often just quote a little bit of what I want to say out of the big picture, for drawing out a point for too long is, in fact, pointless. 
-I prefer quick notes versus in detail explanations for my train of thought fluctuates and so can my meaning in my notes, making it more easy to weave in.


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Added on July 14, 2015
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Kenna Marie
Kenna Marie

Hello! I'm a high school student. I use a lot of my time dedicated to writing poetry, short stories etc. Art is my passion, consisting of but not limited to...musical, creative and performance. I'm a..