what it comes down to

what it comes down to

A Lesson by Ching_E

you need tom plan, to read etc. but the one thing that it really comes down to is


Write. Write the story. don't be afraid of scrapping and at the same time, don't scrap. if you feel blocked and that it's a drag to write, then do exercises, don't write straight away, you've got the whole day. you may only have 2-3 hours available for writing, but i think it is important to trust in the process esp. when you're writing, and write when you feel inspired otherwise you're "cranky" or whatever mood you're feeling, will show because your writing/story reflects yourself. That's why it's so personal.  

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Added on October 1, 2012
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Auckland, New Zealand

I am a young unpublished writer. I have several story ideas and am currently working on one. People often say "I like your writing", but they have never said that they like me. This, i think, justifie..