Expressing emotions

Expressing emotions

A Lesson by G.C. Seguin

It's hard to describe the emotions felt by a character when they are in a dark place, so here are a few tips to help.


The first thing about describing emotions is knowing how it feels to experience it. Without some level of understanding, it will become very difficult to be able to accurately describe the emotion in a way that is understandable. When it really comes down to it, try to make yourself feel that emotion as you're writing. For example: if your character is feeling angry, think of something that angers you or think of a time when you were angry.

Lastly, if it's difficult to understand an emotion, ask others about it or go online and read a few interpretations of the emotion. Once you have done a bit of research, it will become much easier to describe the emotion without leaving gaps.

I hope this lesson was helpful! Please leave a comment below with any pieces you have that you find emotional and feel free to let me know if you feel like you need any help on something. I'll be more than happy to help (:

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