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Mary Jo. Clare
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A Lesson by Mark Daniels

how to build up to the fight and how to write what happens after


I think that the only thing better than a good fight scene in a book is the dramtic build up that leads to one. Just follow the steps in the previous lesson, and you should be fine. The key is building up to it without giving the fight away, but also not just jumping right into the fight, leaving your readers thinking "WTF?"


This also applies to after the fight when everything calms down and you get back on track of the plot. you can't just just from someone dealing a final blow to the next day if it doesnt make any sense.

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Posted 6 Years Ago

Hmmm, I try to follow these steps before I write it out. I do an alright fight scene though I read this for some advice, but this was still a good lesson. I hope anyone who needs help with fights will come see this.

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Posted 7 Years Ago

Perfect description from both lessons :).
Really good, 7/10

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Posted 7 Years Ago

You're right :D
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