What Is Poetry

What Is Poetry

A Lesson by William Liston

I describe what poetry is meant to be.


If someone asks, "Why Are You a Poet?" respond just like this:

The Power of Poetry

by William Liston

I've preached of pain and sung of sorrow.

Given people hope for tomorrow.

Oh, with this pen, I always write

flows of words that capture lives.

I've caused a tear, dismantled fear,

and through these rhymes have spoken

of inevitable truths of man's despair

--the times that seem to break the broken.

From clouded minds to souls that soar,

I strike each heart right at its core.

I've felt for those who wished to die

--who stare at the ground with hopes to fly.

You cannot say, after what you've heard,

there is no power in poetry's words.

For each soft petal in poetry's rose,

is only unseen by the eye that's closed.

I wrote that poem to describe a poet's goal: to capture the essence of life with words. Since that's every poet's primary aim (or at least, it should be), poetry can best be described as writing that uses words, from their phonetic qualities to their conceptual qualities, to convey an emotional impact. In this course, I'll describe the numerous ways in which a poet can create such an impact.

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Posted 11 Months Ago

i love this piece very much and it is one that is very deep enough to open the creative eye of every writer.
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