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"Imagery is vital to create a poignant story or poem..."




Imagery is vital to create a poignant story or poem.  It brings the audience into another realm.


Step 1: Analyze the photograph above.  It is called, "Spring's Ruin."

Step 2: Answer the following questions and instructions:

1.  How does the image make you feel?


"Spring's Ruin" evokes the feelings associated with abandonment, isolation, and decay.

2.  List at least 3 objects that catch your eye?


1. Well
2. Trees
3. Leaves

3.  What do you think you would see, taste, smell, hear, and touch?


1. I see moss covering the entire forest bed.
2. I taste the spring water.
3. I smell the decadence of fallen leaves.
4. I hear the magpies in the tree tops. 
5. I touch the rigid stone below me.

Step 3: Write a short story or poem using the 3 objects that catch your eye.  Please include sensory details that we covered in the previous lesson and your answers in QUESTION 3.


Moss covers the entire forest bed; a pleasant cushion for my bare feet.  I pull on the rope that hangs outside an abandoned spring, grunting as sweat trickles down my spine.  Gradually, I manage to bring a pale of water to my lips, lapping at it while limbs convulse.  An aroma of fall decadence fills my snot ridden nostrils, dripping along my cracked and bleeding lips.  Magpies sing to me from their perch along the tree line; their chorus serves as an antispectic for my crippled body, sprawled on a massive boulder.  The rigid stone peels the skin from my finger tips, leaving red marks behind.  It is now I realize that I will never leave this forest as I hold onto my damaged copy of "The Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri. 

Step 4:  Share your short story or poem on Writer's Cafe to share with your peers.  Sometimes you will feel the need to revise at least once after the rough draft. 

Thank you for taking this lesson and remember to have fun!


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