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Chapter 1...

Chapter 1...

A Lesson by Passionofawriter

Ways to start your first chapter


Chapter 1...

When writing your first chapter, you have to try and grab the reader before the reader closes your book. so, here are a few ways you can start your first chapter:

1. with dialogue (e.g. ' "I'm coming, wait!" ')
2. with a dream (write a dream which should usually refer to later in the story or earlier in the characters history)
3. with a nightmare (write a nightmare which should usually refer to later in the story or earlier in the characters history)
4. with scenery (e.g. ' It was a frosty December morning ')
5. with a simple sentence (e.g. ' I saw it. ')

the most effective one would probably be a short sentence. it forms questions in the minds of readers. 
mental exercise- do a mind map with 'I saw it' in the middle, putting questions around that simple short sentence which come into your mind. allow your mind to explore. this might help in forming parts of the story as it will make sense to your reader.

this is just starting your chapter.
your first chapter really shouldn't have anything 'out of the ordinary' yet. In your first chapter, you should aim to introduce the main character to the reader. weather you're writing in 1st, 2nd or 3rd person, you need to let the reader know what a typical day of this character is.

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