What to include at the beginning

What to include at the beginning

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not all books start with the very first chapter. this will help you find out about different ways you can start your story off.


What to include at the beginning

Not all books start with the very first chapter. Some books start with a prologue, which you will find out about here.

1. introductory statement: an introductory passage or speech before the main action of a novel, play, or long poem
, preface, foreword, preamble, opening, prelude

a prologue is, well, an introduction to the story. prologues can be in the forms of poems, short 'hints' from what will happen later in the story, or even a sonnet!
in fact, Shakespeare used a sonnet in the beginning of the famous 'Romeo & Juliet' 
a prologue can be very effective dependant on the language as well as scenery. if you're starting with a prologue, be sure to describe the scene and use very emotive, strong and moving language.

But, you don't have to start your story this way. you can always choose the option of simply writing in chapters - although writing a prologue is usually very effective.

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