A Lesson by Imelda Blackheart

Why do I need a description? Why can't the reader just actually READ the lesson? Ah, never mind. Anyway, this is just a brief little statement introducing myself and this course. Enjoy!



     I am almost upset as I type this for the second time because the internet crashed. In doing so, it

managed to save everything except for the text I put on this page. This is why I hate technology; it's too

unreliable! Not to say that it doesn't have pros along with its numeerous cons, but... and here I am,

rambling again. I apologize for myself in advance; I can be a bit unpredictable at times, and often find

my train of thought switching tracks without my permission. Before I move on, a brief note for the future;

if you ever have the wish to contact with a question, comment, or concern, you may do so by sending

me a message or leaving me a review addressed to Imelda Blackheart with whatever you may have to

say. I welcome all constructive critism, but for my poor soul's sake, make sure what you have to say is

CONSTUCTIVE, and not a bunch of cleverly
disguised insults.

     On a more pleasant note, welcome to "Writing Whatever you Want... Without Writer's Block!" It is a

long title, I know, but who actually reads the course description? Well, most peopledo, but the title of

anything is one of the most important thing. It wields the power to grab your reader's attention or push

it away. But enough of this idle chatter! I cannot garuntee that this is the perfect course for you, but

remember this one piece of advice. Your mind is much like a parachute; it can't function properly unless

opened. So just keep an open mind, and we'll get along just fine! Won't it feel good whenever you will

finally be able to write without having to ever stop and stare at a blank page for an hour because you

can't think of anything? Let me distract you no longer! Read on!

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Posted 6 Years Ago

Hm... that isn't the format I typed it in originally. It looks interesting, however, so I have chosent to leave it that way. Or maybe I'm just to lazy to change it. Either way, it's fine the way it is.
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Imelda Blackheart
Imelda Blackheart

Beyond enjoying writing like everyone else on this site, I really don't know what else to tell you. :D