Getting started

Getting started

A Lesson by saunved

Getting to plot your story and exploring the bloodiness of your writing skills...


Before I start, I want to tell you guys that I HAVE NOT learned this anywhere, nor am I copying-pasting or passing on third party information. This stuff comes from me and within me...

And yeah, if you guys have any suggestions...write on! for the real deal...

                                                   -DECIDING THE PLOT-

Does your story explore the ridiculous blood cravings of a vampire, or does it deal with the haunted house at the end of the street? Is it about THAT little boy next door who was killed twenty years ago?
Get what I mean?
Decide the background of the story. This is the way I write my horror stories...

Okay so you got the background. Now...think. Do you have the skills to explore this background? Have you got the knowledge you need about haunted houses or vampires? If not...then ....Mr. Google is right at your fingertips...OR if you hate Googling stuff...find another background.

Okay, so you got the background. The next step is a wee bit complicated.

I call this the BUILD ON THE BACKGROUND METHOD (just kidding :p)
More about this later on...(next lesson)

Does the vampire die sucking his own blood :p, or is it all a dream (a good reader will KILL you (just joking) if you write an amazing story and tell him it was all a dream) :p


You gotta decide the =SETTING= (old dusty library, a wrong road..., a forest etc.). There are no limitations to the number of settings you have, but don't overdo it...or you might get confused. Settings/places are useful for writing individual scenes but KEEP a basic SETTING in mind. (More of this in the future lessons)

Keep a rough outline of the story in your mind...
Keep the end simple yet spine-chilling...

Things to remember while plotting-
1. Decide the MAIN HORROR FEATURE of the story.
2. Decide the it in a dark forest, or in a haunted house, or on Mars?
3. Decide the END of the story first.
4. Decide the "JUMPS" in the story...I look up from my desktop. I am staring at the mirror placed in front of me, admiring myself. I wink at myself in the mirror thinking about how I was going to get my end of school certificate the next day. I feel something wet creeping up my sleeve...and I throw it away only to find out that I do not have an arm attached to my body. Get it? I will be getting to that in the next lesson though...(the SETTING is not good enough over here :p)
5. Decide the CHARACTERS...REALLY IMPORTANT (more of this in the next lessons).
     In the meanwhile check out this - (By- TopHatGirl) :
These lessons are really intriguing so make sure you come back right here! :p

Do these five things and believe are on your way to writing a great horror story...!

The next lesson deals with background building, settings and characters. Make sure you do come back for more.
Do comment please! This is my first time writing a lesson...

Signing off dear friends...
Your horrifically pretty monster (whatever that means),

P.S- This was a kind of INTRO...I will elaborate whatever I have written in the upcoming lessons.


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Being a student of criminal justice I have always been intrigued by horror and thriller stories related to murderers and serial killers. especially the way they conduct their entire plan is definitely intriguing along with the way through which they are caught, hence the experience of writing a horror story is always interesting for me. I am currently studying my criminal justice from

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Posted 6 Years Ago

Do forgive me for any mistakes or grammatical errors...suggestions are most welcome from anyone, anytime! Thanks.
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