The perfect series of events

The perfect series of events

A Lesson by aleexbabee

Now you know how to describe you must learn how to keep your story going and turn it into a novel.


 A lot of writers, even magnificent ones, start their novel perfectly but also end the novel in seconds. To have a perfect novel you must make it longer then say 50 pages! To do this you must have an exciting series of events. My advice is to have at least three problems in the story, you can have more but if you have to many your readers get bored and eventually give up. Anyway, let's stick with three. For every single problem you must have a solution but the trick is not to solve it straight away. The best way to do this you must have at least three solutions to the one problem and only one of those solutions can work..
 For example, If your novel is about digging for treasure then one of your problems could be that you have nothing to dig with except yourself. First you will try to solve it with one solution but that will fail
Then you should try another solution and that should fail
Finally you should try a solution, add plenty of detail, try to keep it going for the entire chapter or two and then solve your problem.

You should have to more problems but if your having problems selecting your events then use these tips. Think about what your story is about. Think about what your persons special talents could be, there personality and then think of a series of events that could go wrong.

I know this step is really short but it's pretty straight forward. Think of your series of events, a great thing to do is to introduce one or two more characters, maybe try to create another problem or make your problems bigger until you hit a climax. remember to use descriptive writing!

assessment- write your series of events, i want these to be atleast four- six chapters long.
Goodluck =]

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