A Lesson by Mehta

love is temporary ; love has its own language show affection.


 Love is driving out of the  darkness to be loved,
   Love is a lighter to the candle for happiness.
   love has its own way of elucidating itself,
    love is fearless to all the root of evils.
 love is like shinning of thoughts with words of actions,
 Love inshort either a cause of storm or a solution.
love is a mystery eptimoised life to walked path,
love is a little hope, little sound of chirpy and impeccable nature.
 love is ubiquitious, love is a pro-creation of human ,
love is i leapt out of a window to feel and embracing life.
love is friends to be one of those who are standstill by your side,
Love is a religion to die for.
love cis a red crayon to those who are motionlkess,
love is not meant to be at place it moves on as the sun moves with  its bright light to makes us happy and lively.

Quote said by rabindranath tagore, '' love adorns itself, it seeks to prove the inward joy by its ouward beauty of appearence''.


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Added on January 26, 2018
Last Updated on January 26, 2018

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