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Greetings and salutations!

2 Years Ago

Wow that's a dumb title. Anyways, hello! My name is Yui Tarsis and I have just joined this group! I'm currently working on a story called Dissipating Light and the prologue should be expected soon. I'm new at writing, and am very open to your criticism, I actually encourage you to give it to me! A few words to describe my story would be "Magic, Comedy, and a word for sad that makes me sound smart." Once it is up please Read and Review! All your opinions are appreciated! ~Sincerely Yui


2 Years Ago

I have just finished with my prologue to Dissipating Light! Please read, rate, and review if you have the time! I'll be posting Chapter One soon as well!

Chapter One!

2 Years Ago

Chapter One has been finished! Sorry that it's a bit short, but that place was just too perfect to end at. I hope you enjoy! Please Rate and Review!

Chapter Two!

2 Years Ago

Chapter Two is now out! Once again, sorry that it's short. It was just too good a part to leave on.

Dissipating Light Rewrite! (That rhymes!!)

2 Years Ago

Hi everyone! Wow, it's been a while since I've been on. Anyways, I'm rewriting Dissipating Light because I realized it's kinda trash. Anyways, I'm moving soon and actually trying to make it good this time, so don't expect it to come out fast like last time!

Re: Greetings and salutations!

1 Year Ago

Hi Yui!

I was reading your short "Hiding in the Open" and I thought it was very good :D
I'm not sure if you're that active anymore, but I hope you continue writing anyway.

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