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"Kiddie Hill Cadette's"
A Writer's Cafe Group
by PB Jacobs

Hey, Kiddie Hill Cadette hopeful!

Wanna join this group? I'm not sure what it's all about yet, or where this group will be headed, as I'm founding this group THE REAL JUVIE MENTALITY WAY!

Do make a mental note that I will not tolerate harmful juvieism in this group, as my intent is to make, and keep this group a humor and amusement only type of group! I encourage all of you who join my group to kick back, relax, and have a non-harmful blast!

Lest I have to whip The Juvie Star out! It's documented in my writing section, of course...

And then, there is this:

True, the name of this group may be misleading, BUT DO CONSIDER DEVELOPMENTAL THINKING!

Teens or better only, period!

You might also want to keep an eye on my blog, here on Writer's Cafe:

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