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What do we see in the mirror?

3 Years Ago

The Beast in MeWhen I look in the mirror, something frightens me,Something horrible, despicable, and impossible to hide.This is a fiend only I can see,He is the Beast that dwells within me.Horns of sharp ebony bone,Teeth like razor knives.A horror unknown,Devastator of lives.His eyes are like Hellfire,His smile is cold ice.There’s nothing stopping the flames from climbing higher,His joy comes from rage and vice.The worst thing of all, the most fearsome place,The true terror of the Beast I see:He has my face,He is me.
This is a poem I wrote a long time ago about how I used to feel about myself. More accurately, it's what I saw when I looked into a mirror. You see, PTSD is a disorder that can cause black-out moments of severe rage and anger. When that happens, you have no control over yourself at all. It's a scary sensation. It's made scarier by the fact that you yourself don't remember what you do  in these black-outs. This poem was about how I viewed myself because I've had multiple black-outs in my life before I got help. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a beast staring back at me, not me. That's what I want this thread to be about. Please, comment ways that you've viewed yourselves and what made you see yourselves that way and we can talk about it. Like I said in the description and the previous thread, this is a safe place to talk, so please do so. You can also find this poem in the group's writing, which I'd like to thank yashmita13 for her contributions to. And, remember: We are Lights in the Dark for on another :)