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Welcome to the NYU DAUS Online Writing Community. This is an online space for creatives including writers, to share their work, learn from feedback, read to explore their writing knowledge and network with writers in NYU DAUS. It is also a space to receive information to further one’s writing passion and interest.

During the semester, only one in-person meeting will be held where we will have a wide range of activities including: - Networking - Reading - Book display and giveaway - Writer’s forum/ Guest speaker sessions - OWC Review

Every week for 8 weeks, through our online forum, we will have a theme for all participants to post old or new writings on. We will also have a weekly giveaway of $25 gift card for the winners to shop at one of the following options: - NYU Bookstore - Amazon - Barnes and Nobles - Macy's - Strand Bookstore The only catch to stand a chance of winning is to post feedback on another writers work on the forum.

We hope to make this community as engaging and fun as possible.

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