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REZ's EDGE - Destruction & Redemption - A Book by Author Brad Jensen

2 Years Ago

Let me know what you folks think of my Dust Cover Description of my book REZ's EDGE.  Thanks!

It's late at night and Dakota's father, Gordon, is driving them home down a lonesome highway. It's 1974, one year after the takeover and occupation of the village of Wounded Knee by the American Indian Movement (AIM) and a militant population of 300 indians. 
Headlights pop over a hill, blinding Gordon. The oncoming vehicle streaks across the double-yellow lines, smashing into Dakota and his father. Their car careens, catches, flips, and smashes into the ditch. Dakota is seriously wounded. His father is dead.
After a year of rehabilitation, Dakota returns to his first day of eighth grade middle school to face his mental demons and the tribal cousins of his father's killer.
Welcome to Dakota's hell! Welcome to the REZ's EDGE!
The REZ's EDGE dives into the life of a middle-school aged white-boy whose world has been wracked by tragedy. Join him and his friends in their trials and tribulations, pranks and shenanigans,  joys and sorrows, pleasures and pains. Ride the REZ's EDGE! 

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