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Bathroom furniture size is not big, but it can be commonly used toilet trivial thing in the World Cup of the facial cleanser, toothbrush, razor, etc are cleverly hidden in the back of the mirror, and at the same time other use cycle can be longer washing cleansers neatly collection in the locker below face basin.Combined with the whole mirror design, you can stretch out the multiple dimensional feeling.
2. Quality and cheap homebred ceramic tile
Small wall ground decorates toilet need not too exquisite, imports of high-grade ceramic tile is expensive, in a small space and not easily get strong aesthetic result, might as well use dozens of yuan a square meter of domestic ceramic tile.Such as the glaze of the blooming flowers bright colourful color tile, the use of international popular 20 x 20 cm in size, and surface uneven, under the lights set off a distinct luster, appear the space is large and bright.
Nowadays, there is also a dedicated to toilet waterproof coating, probably take 40 yuan/square meters, also can yet be regarded as a kind of cheap and fine.With 4 square meters to calculate the toilet, the cost of the wall ground not more than 1500 yuan.
3. Covers an area of small fission lavatory
On the market the most common divided into integral and two kinds of fission lavatory.Overall implement for tank and lavatory is a forming, scrap rate is higher, the price is fission style almost implement expensive, covers an area of a bigger also.So in small space choice fission lavatory is both economically and save money, 70 centimeters long but the absolute "slimming" fission lavatory become the ideal choice for small family toilet.

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