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The idea began with the name--Siren--a mythological creature who resembled a beautiful woman and led sailors to their death through enticement and seduction. She is kin to the mermaid, but the Siren is altogether a different sort of being. She embraces a more primitive notion of the feminine power--one that's not so sweet, a concept comprised of less sugar, and more spice.

I wanted to create a space on the web where women could write and see their words published. This isn't a big publication, but instead a humble start-up. But there is an indescribable pleasure at seeing your name in print. Siren wants to give women that chance.

The idea behind Siren Magazine is to establish a creative community for the feminine voice, without censure of subject. At Siren, we celebrate the ugly along with beauty. One cannot exist without the other, so we will look to the grey areas, instead, and pick amongst the threads that cannot and should not be morally termed. Truth, and the vulnerability of personal stories, fiction, and essays, written with equal parts heartache and joy, will find their homes here.

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