The Beta Reading Brethren and Sistren


A group designed to both beta read and hopefully provide constructive criticism for writers we know.

The idea is simply to post work, and give fellow members the opportunity to comment, point out errors, suggestions, and things they liked and didn't like to aid each other's final products. An exchange of useful criticism for useful criticism. No deadlines or obligation, but hopefully you're giving as much as you're receiving.

Few guidelines:
-Attempt to give more descriptive than prescriptive criticism
(ie try to give your response and reactions to their writing as opposed to trying to just fix it or rewrite it.)
-pull no punches
(If you hold back a criticism, a feeling you had, or an opinion about a scene, you may being your fellow writer a large disservice. Particularly hit Aaron Askew hard about his writing, he likes that)
-try to comment on other people's posts
(yes we're here to get our work read, but we're also here to read other people's work. The first doesn't get done without the second)

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