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3 Years Ago

I am a very antisocial person and don't really make friends easily but I have actually made four really goods friends that are just awesome people and I have joined two things at school. One is LGBT Global and the other is the edge which is kind of a religious group but they are accepting to anyone of all faith and are very open minded people. I have only gone twice because of being busy but one of the leaders of the group she is a very outgoing person and is someone I am proud to call a friend. I walked past her in the hallway and she was doing a video for her church about times that they meet and everything. I helped her with it and I told her she ever needs hep again to just ask. In my other group we have had someone come in from career and development to talk to us about job interviews and the next meeting we used STAR I don't remember what everything stood for but basically during an interview they ask about a situation and you have to state the situation and how you went about it. The person to our right made up a question like name a time you had difficulty with a coworker. We did that during the introduction were we all introduce ourselves. Every week we two points that are something about LBGT that is going on from the news or something. The first meeting I attended we were given a paper about Leah's law I think that is how her name was spelled but she had killed herself because her family didn't accept that she was transgender and there is a petition that I signed about enacting Leah's law. I am enjoying parts of the college life.