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3 Years Ago

If we get enough members to this group i thought we might create a monthly magazine about college life expressing thoughts and feelings about it and sharing our creative works such as stories or poetry about college.

Re: Magazine?

2 Years Ago

How many members do you need to get in order to start the magazine?

Re: Magazine?

2 Years Ago

Enough to staff it or at least read it. Honestly you could just get enough people to contribute to a few issues and then just pass it along the web. It'll draw more people than just waiting. Question is, what would you put in it?

Some ideas:
Information on how to get into college(both from personal experience and different REPUTABLE sources like business and government sites)

Financial information for students and careers(like "it's predicted that by 20XX the average semester of college will cost blahblahblah" or "Job X is projected to grow by 22% in the next 5 years and pays an average of $2billion a year")

Ned style tips for college

Personal stories from college

Featured student(s) of the month(list what amazing or recognizable thing they did)

Just stuff like that.