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Do you need reviews? Is your writing ignored or are you just not getting enough helpful feedback? Join today! We will review YOUR stories.

Terms of Membership:

1. Keep the writing to a minimum of 2 posts a day. That way, everyone will get a review.

2. Keep your writing G or PG. Otherwise, I won't accept it. Sorry, but a rule is a rule.

3. Don't make random threads for nothing. Or else the important ones will get lost in the rush.

4. Hey, we all want reviews, right? :) So keep the reviews going! At least 1 review of a group writing per day would be cool. :) It keeps your points up and gets reviews for yourself too. If you miss a day, don't worry. We all make mistakes. We're human. But try not to miss anymore. When you review a group member's article, say: 'WritersCritiqueGroup Team' at the end.

5. Don't post articles here that have above 7 reviews, please! Or else the real ignored works will stay ignored, and the active ones may get even more traffic. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but let's be fair. BUT if your work does not have helpful feedback, head to the thread called HELPFUL FEEDBACK FOR YOUR STORIES. Post the link below and mention it is for HELPFUL FEEDBACK.

6. Give helpful feedback. We want our reviews to count.

I will post FAQ's (even if they're not really frequently asked questions lol) in the forums cause' I don't want this intro to get tooo long winded. :) Have fun, invite your friends and let us help you improve your writings!

Cheers and happy writing!

P.S. Don't forget to check out our (when I say 'our' I mean 'my' lol) threads!

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Helpful Feedback For Your Stories

Kreative Kana

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Kreative Kana

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