(too much information). This was actually helpful for figuring out what I felt was inappropriate. At an event where Mari Smith spoke she helped me determine the difference between personal and private. Basically if I was not comfortable with something being a headline on the New York Times, then it was private. Okay. I could work with that. Social networking and your marketing campaign is designed to build relationships. There is value to allowing people to catch a glimpse behind the curtain. Transparency helps to foster the relationship. People buy from someone they know, like and trust. If I don’t know someone providing a service I need, then I will ask my friends and associates if they know of someone. That feels much more comfortable than picking someone out of a phone book or Google. In order to reach your ideal client, you must take that first step in creating a relationship. As they know, like and trust you they will begin to see you as a resource and the person to help solve their problem. Isn’t that what you wanted all along? Activity: So think about where you might be holding yourself back. Do you know why? Is it because it is uncomfortable for you? You feel vulnerable? There is always the possibility someone might disagree with you. I know you will be judged by others. That is just a matter of fact. Internet marketing trends today are all geared towards improving conversions. All our marketing efforts are wasted if we cannot convert our prospects into buyers. This article will reveal 7 small tweaks used by successful internet
marketers to increase conversion rate. In general, the internet marketing trends used to improve conversions are discovered through split testing. These techniques are proven methods to improve conversion rate. 1) Inserting Safety Seals Blogs, websites and sales pages certified with a safety seal such as McAfee increases trust and credibility, thus boosting conversions. 2) Placement Of Opt-In-Boxes. Place your opt-in box at the top of your page because you want it to be the first thing visitors see. You can also put the same opt in box at the bottom of the page to capture them before they leave. 3) Entry Or Exit Pop Ups. Turn your site visitors into leads by placing a script for an entry or exit pop up with your opt in box. 4) Handling Objections Have a short FAQ to tackle any last minute queries that might prevent a prospect from buying your product. 5) Money Back Gurantees Give your customers a 60 day money day back guarantee and your conversions are bound to soar due. Test with different risk free durations to see which converts the best for your product. 6) Split Test Your Call.

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