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3-5 poems How To Submit to Swinks Online Edition Please read submission guidelines carefully; submissions that dont meet these requirements will not be considered or responded to. Submissions are accepted, reviewed, and published on a more-or-less rolling basis. Work accepted for publication in Swinks online edition will be featured in the online editions main pages for two to four weeks, then moved to the online edition archive. All pieces should be original and previously unpublished. We acquire first North American serial rights and one-time non-exclusive anthology rights. We prefer that fiction and nonfiction submissions be not too much more than 3000 wordsthough longer pieces will be considered. Very short pieces are welcome. Poetry submissions should contain a maximum of five shortish poems or three longish ones. Submissions (one story, essay, or department feature; 1-5 poems) should be sent in a single file attached to your emailMS Word is preferable; RTF is acceptable; when all else fails, copy and paste into the body of the emailwith the contributors name, email address, and phone number at the top of the piece and a brief bio at the end. Please indicate clearly in the subject line of your email and at the top of your submission the department to which youre submitting work. You may submit more than one piece at a time. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, provided you let us know and agree to alert us immediately if your piece is accepted elsewhere. With all due respect, please dont send cover letters. All we want to read is your brilliant submission. Well do our very best to respond to all submissions within a monthbut we arent making promises about that. Please, please, please dont email to nudge us about your submissions; we know its a drag to wait, but rest assured we will be in touch with you eventually, one way or the other.

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Fiction and essays should be mailed to:

244 Fifth Ave. #2722
New York, NY 10001

Poetry should be mailed to:

5042 Wilshire Blvd. #628
Los Angeles, CA 90036

5042 Wilshire Blvd. #628
Los Angeles, CA 90036