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The Plebian Rag

The Plebian Rag
Dallas, GA

Circulation: 10000
Issues Per Year: 2
New Writers Per Year: 100's
Payment Type: Free copy of magazine when published


The Plebian Rag is an online/print magazine which presents a collective of voices who have one mission: to create literature/art that will reshape the social landscape which has become a virtual cesspool of mass marketed conformists, to bolster an effect that will cause a shift in the social conscience for a better world. Plebian writers will either make you love them or hate them, and if the latter applies to you then, hey at least we tried.

Submission Information

  • Arts
  • Essays
  • Literary Fiction
  • Lyrics
  • Novella
  • Poetry
  • Short Story Collections

Accepts Submissions from January 1 to December 31

Submission Methods
  • Accepts Email Queries

Average Story Length: 3-5 pages
Story Length Limit: 3k words


Response Times
Queries: Email 2-3 weeks
Manuscripts: Email 2-3 weeks

Contact Information

John Sweet
Managing Editor

47 Camden Way
Dallas, GA 30157