Trees don't ask questions you can't answer; stars don't stare unless you desire it; clouds take shape only as your mind sees fit. Nature is solace.

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About Me

Writing, for me, is a back door for my head. It releases the pressure a bit. Penning my thoughts allows me to empty out anything that would earn me weird looks from people if I just blurted it out at a dinner party, or on the train, or in the break room over coffee.

I've been writing down stories and thoughts ever since I learned to use a pen- from personal journals and diaries, to adventurous and poorly researched fiction, to poetry that personifies one of those monkeys clashing cymbals together, to heavily exaggerated autobiographical prose.

I've been doing this for way too long, and I'm really not that good at it. But join me, as I offer my own unique perspective as a colony of at least 26 simultaneous 'why' questions floating around in the top part of a human body.