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Iris is seeking short stories for a "fairy tale and fantasy" anthology to be published in Summer 2007. We're looking for stories for our next short fiction anthology! This anthology (currently unnamed) will have a theme of folklore, fairy tales, and fantasy. Stories should be between 3,000 and 12,000 words, and should have a clear element of myth and mysticism. Of course, this is a boys' love anthology, so stories must include an element of male/male romance or eroticism. Some examples of what we'd like to see: * Fairy tales with a twist--telling the story from another perspective, or perhaps mixing two tales together (ever wonder what would happen if the Beast met the Frog Prince?). * Original stories told in a fairy tale style, or made-up myths using original or existing pantheons and heroes. * Fantasy with grand heroics and mystical, magical backdrops. Less gritty realism and more ethereal otherworldliness. * Modern retellings of fairy tales or myths. Or modern fantasy, showing us the hidden side of the world we know so well. Some examples of things that we probably don't want to see: * Retelling of myths and fairy tales in which the only thing changed is the gender of a character. (We've all read "Cinderella"--changing her name to Steve won't make us want to read it again.) * Vampires that sound like they belong in an Anne Rice book or a roleplaying sourcebook. Less angsting about the bleak nature of existence, more...well, more anything else. * Fantasy with swords and horses and unfamiliar place names, but otherwise a pretty mundane setting. Give us magic! Dragons! Fairies! Ninja-pirate-zombies! The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2007. To submit your story, please follow our submissions guidelines for short stories, and mention that the story is for consideration for the "fairy tale and fantasy anthology". You will receive a confirmation email within 1 week, but final selections will not be made until after the January 15 deadline. The anthology is scheduled for publication in Summer 2007.

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