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Kregel Publications

Kregel Publications
Grand Rapids, MI

Books Per Year: 90
Publishes Hardcover Books: Yes
Publishes Paperback Books: Yes
Publishes E-Books: No
Average Royalty: 8-16%
Average Advance: $2
Time to Publication: 14 months

Submission Information

  • Adventure
  • Children's
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Mystery, Suspense & Thriller
  • Picture Books
  • Religious
  • Science Fiction
  • Teen & Young Adult

Submission Methods
  • Accepts Unsolicited Manuscripts
  • Accepts Simultaneous Queries
  • Accepts Email Queries

  • SASE
  • Cover Letter
  • Word Count
  • Biography

Response Times
Queries: 3 months

Additional Information
A division of Kregel, Inc. Only publishes fiction geard toward evangelical Christians.

Contact Information

Acquisitions Editor

PO Box 2607
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

Phone: 616-451-4775
Fax 616-451-9330
Heaven Is Accessible
Heaven Is Accessible
Wondering how to be closer to the Spirit? Have you questioned religion lately? Tired of the same routine in life?