Don’t say Love

Don’t say Love

A Poem by Tony

You say you love me,
But I don’t believe it.
I know what Love is,
But how do you perceive it?
Love to me is happiness and pain,
Trying and trusting,
Through the sun and the rain.
The good times, the bad times,
Most of the time it’s a struggle.
Not cheating and leaving
At the first sign of trouble!
Love’s not a word
To be thrown around lightly.
Love is a feeling
That’s all powerful and mighty!
Love at first sight
Is not something in which I believe,
Only through time
Can love be achieved.
Don’t confuse love
With lust or infatuation.
Love’s not that simple.
Love takes a lot of patience.
Love’s not the beginning,
Love is the toll.
Love when it’s true
Delves deep into your soul.
Love’s not a lake.
Love’s not a sea.
Love is an Ocean,
That won’t set you free!
Love’s not logical,
It doesn’t make sense.
Love’s not a big house,
With a white picket fence.
Love is the journey,
That won’t ever end.
Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into
Before you begin!
Love is the greatest, and dirtiest,
Four letter word!
No matter what you’ve been told,
Despite what you’ve heard.
Love is beautiful!
Love is divine!
Love is brutal!
Love is a crime!
Love is not white.
Love is not black.
Love is a friend,
That stabs you in the back!
Until you know exactly what it means,
Don’t even say it.
Leave it for your dreams,
Before it makes you obey it!
Don’t take it for granted,
I promise you,
You’ll regret it.
Love is the word,
Just forget I ever said it!

© 2017 Tony

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Added on December 24, 2017
Last Updated on December 25, 2017




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