Helios's blessing ~ chapter nine

Helios's blessing ~ chapter nine

A Chapter by AliceBarnes

Achilles disapproves of Aedia's being with Patroclus takes its toll while Helios gives his blessing...


Chapter nine ~ In the time of Achilles

Phthia forest, Greece, late August 1190BC

"It is vain to say that human beings ought to be satisfied with tranquillity: they must have action, and they will make it if they cannot find it" ~ Charlotte Bronte

Beside a great lake within the forest of Phthia Aedia sat beneath the shade of the Fir and Pine trees lining the shoreline. Sunlight crept through the leaves of the trees as they swayed in the soft breeze, occasionally hitting her face and pinned back hair. Her deep red peplos gown lay in a pool around her sandaled feet, as she rested against a particularly tall Pine tree. A piece of Papyrus and pen in hand and a small ceramic, portable pot of ink nestled among the tree roots that rose up from the dry, dusty earth.

"Move again and I will throttle you" Opposite her, led against another Pine tree, Patroclus sneered. A leg brought up to his chest as he propped a hand on top of his knee. 

"I would rather get a kiss" Amidst the soft chirping of the songbirds and the lapping of the lake against the shingle beach, Patroclus's deep, soothing voice carried over to her. Her eyes flickered up momentarily to look at him as she bit back a smile, finding it hard to keep her concentration on the drawing and not the boy sat mere meters away from her. 

"If you keep up you won't be getting any kisses for the rest of the day" Biting hard down on her lip she continued on with her portrait. Making sure to capture his prominent high cheekbones, soft pink lips, and accentuated jawline. Without warning, Patroclus rose from where he was sat and lowered himself down onto a tree root beside Aedia, a slight crease appearing on his forehead as his eyes passed over the drawing. 

"It's very good"


"Is that a hint of surprise I can hear in your voice?" Aedia asked, arching an eyebrow as a teasing smile tugged at her lips. 

"No! No. I would like to keep it...if you don't mind that is?" Wordlessly, she handed the papyrus to him watching as he looked at it one last time before he rolled it up and stood. His eyes glancing around at the surroundings before they fell back onto Aedia. Extending a hand, he reached out to her. Picking up her ink pot from where it was nestled among the tree roots, she took his extended hand and he pulled her up from the ground. With a swift tug, he brought her closer to him, a mischievous glint in his eyes. His grip on her hand tight enough so that she could not easily pull away but gentle enough as to not hurt her. 

"Is it true that you turned down Dymas?" At the very thought of the man, Aedia shuddered. Silently, she nodded yes. 


"I do not love him...and besides, he is ancient" The gentle breeze moved through Patroclus's hair as his expression turned thoughtful. His eyes moved to the lake only a few feet from them and then back to Aedia. 

"I wouldn't stand by and watch while you were forced to marry a man you did not love. I couldn't" His free hand lifted up to her cheek in a gentle caress that Aedia found herself leaning into. 

"So this is what has kept you distracted for so long" Aedia jumped at the voice of Thetis, Achilles mother. She was stood a few feet away from them, her hands clasped together as her light blue gown billowed in the wind. Her wise eyes were to Aedia's surprise watching her and Patroclus with a knowing glint in them, a fond smile gracing her lips. 

"Achilles waits for you in the ruins, Patroclus. He is expecting you" Patroclus attention turned back to Aedia, as his gaze momentarily landed on her. His expression torn. 

"Go. I have Thetis to keep me company." With a grateful smile, Patroclus quickly took his leave for the ruins to train with Achilles leaving Aedia with Thetis. Aedia's eyes followed Patroclus's retreating form down the path until he was no longer in sight. At which point Thetis spoke up. 

"You have caused much turmoil in my house. My son fears that you will hurt Patroclus, while Patroclus seems determined to prove to him just how wrong he is." Slowly, Thetis inched closer to Aedia until she stood before her. 

"And what do you think?" Aedia's voice almost cracked as she fiddled with her stylus, impatiently awaiting her answer. Despite how kind and welcoming Thetis had been to Aedia when they first met, she feared that Thetis would share Achilles disapproval of her. 

"I think that you are well matched. He often talks of you, you know, his eyes light up just at the mention of your name...I recognize that Patroclus has grown into a young man, but Achilles...he seems to be clinging to the young boy that Patroclus once was" With a silent gesture with her arm to the forest path, Thetis motioned for them to start walking, waiting for Aedia to start walking beside her before continuing. 

"In truth, I believe that Achilles is this protective because he fears what the future will bring for Patroclus. They have always been so close, like brothers almost. I think that Achilles feared the worst when Patroclus met you." She smiled over at Aedia and it was in that moment that she could truly see the likeness between mother and son. They had the same eyes, same mannerisms and they both tended to hold themselves with great dignity and grace. Exiting the forest, they made for Thetis's house. The sound of the sea lapping against the rocks below drifting upwards to the house. When they reached the entrance to the house, Thetis turned and smiled over at Aedia. 

"Would you like to come inside for some refreshments?" 

"I should really be getting back to my father, but thank you for the offer." Sending her one last warm smile, Thetis disappeared into the house while Aedia turned back on herself and started back to her house. Secretly pleased that would be able to return home without seeing Achilles, who she feared would become even more enraged with her if he knew that she had been with Patroclus only earlier that day. 

Voices up ahead brought her away from her thoughts as she recognized the distinctive voice of Achilles. Darting into the treeline of fir and pine trees that lined the meadow behind and to the side of the house, Aedia held her breathe when Achilles and Patroclus came into sight. 

"I just don't want to see you hurt!" Achilles voice cut through the calm afternoon air as he followed quickly behind a very annoyed looking Patroclus.


"I'm not a child anymore, you don't have a say in what I do or who I spend my time with!" Patroclus shot back over his shoulder, his jaw tense and hair flying through the air as he made directly for the house. Suddenly, Achilles usually bright eyes and expression turned dark as he gripped the wooden training sword so tightly in his hand that it turned white. 

"So long as you are living in this house I do" All at once the arguing stopped and silence fell over them, the sound of the trees swaying in the wind returning as Patroclus froze, his fists clenched. Wordlessly, he turned and gave a hard nudge against Achilles shoulder with his own as he walked past. 

"Patroclus!" Achilles called out after him but he kept walking. With an irritated sigh, Achilles carried on into the house. Once Aedia was sure that she would not be seen, she hastily followed after Patroclus catching him just as he reached the start of the hill towards her house. 

"Patroclus?" At the sound of her voice he stopped walking to look over his shoulder at her, his body still tense but his eyes softening upon meeting hers. 

"I'm sorry" 

"What for?" He frowned at her as she came to stand before him. The breeze brushing the hair away from her face as she looked up at him. 

"Because if it were not for me none of this would have happened-" Before she could say anymore he had pressed his lips to hers, bringing a hand up to cradle her head as her hand clutched to his navy tunic. Pulling back he caressed her cheek looking lovingly down at her as the sun beat down on them from above. 

"If it were not for you I would not be as happy as I am now. You make me happy Aedia...now come, we need to get you back to your father before he sends a search party to look for you". Taking her hand, they strolled side by side up the rocky winding hill to the top, where Aedia's father's house lay. Thankfully, Helios was not sat outside like he normally was, giving Aedia more time with Patroclus.Slowing to a stop she turned to face him, his eyes already fixed on her. 

"Thank you for walking me home" He smiled softly at her and finding herself unable to resist, she gave him a quick peck on the lips before sending him a cheeky grin and hastily running off into the house. The cool air from the shade of the hallway cooling her skin as she stepped over the threshold of the front door and made for her room. 

"Aedia?" Her father's voice echoed over to her from the Atrium. Knowing he had heard her footsteps she slowly headed in the direction his voice had come from, finding him sat with a drink of wine in hand in a chair facing the windows that overlooked the front of the house. 

"Yes?" She asked, her breathing deepening as she feared what he may have seen. 

"Come here" Inching forward, she stopped before him, her hands clasped together with her stylus held in-between them. 

"Now listen to me, I want the truth and only the truth. Does that boy mean something to you?" Unsure what he was trying to get out of her, Aedia nodded yes watching Helios's body language closely for any signs of disapproval. 

"And do you mean something to him?"

"I believe so" Aedia replied quietly, not daring to speak any louder for fear her father's mood would soon change. She knew how much Dymas meant to him - they had played together as boys and fought alongside one another as men. 

"And does he make you happy?" 

"Yes, very much so" Helios briefly smiled at her as he seemed to lose himself in thought. 

"Your mother would have wanted you to be happy...I give you my blessing to be with him so long as he does not hurt you" A wide smile broke out on Aedia's face as tears brimmed her eyes. For so long she had thought all he wanted was for her to marry Dymas, when in fact, all along he had been thinking of her happiness and welfare. 

"Thank you!" She ran over to where he was sat and kissed his cheek. To which he was quick to brush her away and shoo her away, albeit with a smile threatening to break out onto his normally austere face. 

"Go before I change my mind. And see if you can find one of the slaves on your way out, I need a re-fill" Smiling she let out a laugh before taking her leave to find one of her father's slaves. Never would she have thought Helios would ever give her his blessing...

© 2018 AliceBarnes

Author's Note

Hi everyone! I am so sorry that this has taken so long to upload I have had a lot going on in my life, but I am back now. I hope you enjoyed this chapter and as always thank you very, very much for reading. Any reviews you wish to leave would be much appreciated.

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A very good chapter. The conversation worthwhile and needed. I liked the honest tone and the promise made. Both the characters in this chapter. Interesting and tempting to the reader. Thank you Alice for sharing the amazing chapter.

Posted 9 Months Ago

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