Midnight Heartbreak

Midnight Heartbreak

A Poem by Kirsty Mander

I'm not too sure how to describe this. I'm not one to feel usually, but after a long and painful relationship there were a lot of emotions spilling out.


A single tear slid down her cheek, the only evidence of a raging turmoil of emotions threatening to burst from her chest. Emotions, she was not used to feeling them, not one bit. Perhaps a soft brush of joy, shown only through a carefully perfected smile, an echo of sadness, nothing but a mere shell of past hurts.

But this? This hurt more than anything. A shaky laugh escaped her lips, it turning into a hiccup as she buried her face in her pillow, her hands scrunching up into tight balls either side of her head as she struggled to contain unspilt tears. She couldn't believe it, he had broken a promise, and shattered the trust she had spent years slowly rebuilding.

It was too much, salty tears stung as they cascaded from her eyes freely, rolling to merge with the already damp patch on the pillow from countless spilt minutes beforehand. Her body shook as she sobbed uncontrollably, remembering the kind words once spoken, now echoing betrayal and malice. The small voice in the back of her head nagged her, boasting how it had been right all along, telling her that no-one would come to comfort her, reassuring her that she was not worth the tears that had been spilt in the last of countless arguments, yet they came.

Outside, the rain patted lightly against the glass and a soft wind caressed the trees in its breeze, all was peaceful, undisturbed.

© 2012 Kirsty Mander

Author's Note

Kirsty Mander
I was in quite a bit of emotional distress while scribbling this down.

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Added on October 16, 2012
Last Updated on October 16, 2012
Tags: Pain, Heartbreak, Love.


Kirsty Mander
Kirsty Mander

Wales, United Kingdom

Well, where to start. I love writing, I can get lost in a good story for hours. Spinning tales comes naturally, but writer's block happens far too often to make the most of this. I love the darker gen.. more..