A Poem by AMiM

When the past weighs upon one's shoulders.


Ever wonder a life

Where no time existed

No clocks on the walls

No ambition no pain

No loss no gain

No fate to sustain

No wretched existence of insane

A world...

A world less of miracles

A random mirage of colors

No morals no story

No personal endeavors of glory

No fights no vengeance

No borders no religions

No hope to plant

No faith to haunt

A world with...

No past no future

No surmise no dreams

No good no evil

No bloodshed no screams

No bed time tales of devil

An eye tearless

An entity fearless

No purpose of our descend

No mistakes to amend

But a life...

A life of fickleness

Seconds left unchewed

Minutes munched to the bones

An aeon for the sake of an aeon

No often no seldom

An eternity of freedom

A life without path

A day without math

A poem without rhyme

A script without chyme

words filling the  chasm

rhyming back into sarcasm

No arguments no discussions

No insanity with repercussions

Chains of..

 Chains of everyday agony

Weight of the repents of past

And helpless future

Broken in one blow

Through thoughts of twisted head

Light shining through a  glow

Ignoring the heart instead

Ever wonder

Ever wonder...

© 2017 AMiM

Author's Note

It would be appreciable to correct any grammar but then again, the essence of this poem is carefree random writing ,where ever it wants to go and whatever message it wants to send.

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Added on November 5, 2017
Last Updated on November 5, 2017
Tags: catharsis, life, worries, thought, world, time, freedom, random



Jhelum, Punjab, Pakistan

I am an anaesthesiologist by profession. I write small articles about philosophy of life, which more than a passion, serves a catharsis to events I observe deep in heart through life and its ways. I .. more..