The Black and White of Love

The Black and White of Love

A Story by Bella Vee

Vee met some random guy who suddenly play a duo with her, she couldn't believe that guy just lock her heart from the the first tune he'd played with her.


I walked toward the piano room for a morning practice before the class starts. There weren't many people in the morning because I arrived at the school an hour and a half early. My fingers dance on keys hastily as I played my favourite song. I was into the music but suddenly, a boy showed by my side and started pressing the key, both of us played the piano. 

"That was amazing. We should always play together." I said to him excitedly. He turned to me and smile. The most magical smile that I ever saw. He got a nice black hair that he kept neatly and his eyes were small like the East Asians'. "Yeah! By the way, I'm Eric Lim." 

"Veronica is my name and I'm from the music department. I know you are not from my department, so which department suits you. Let me guess, it is architecture, right?"


"I am good at guessing because I have a sixth sense. There is a secret power that hides in my fragile body." I said dramatically to him.

"Dramatic little kid, you really love to talk. My class will start soon. See you tomorrow morning." He left the room quickly and I saw a piece of paper on the piano. He left me his number. When did he write this? The question kept marching in my head.

My finger dancing a happily on the keys, it reflects my emotion at that time. I didn't know why I'm so happy talking to Eric. While I kept swimming in my own thought, suddenly my phone shouted my favourite song - Hello by Adele. "COME TO MY CLASS RIGHT AWAY!" I looked the screen and it showed Madam Linda's name. I dashed toward her class immediately.

With my head down I apologised, "sorry I'm late", Madam Linda nodded and ordered me to sit at my desk. I never late for her class, I'm so dead, I look at Lucas and he passed me a note.

"How's your date?" I look at him with disbelief.

After the class end, Madam Linda gave me a very long lecture about time. Forget about the lecture Madam Linda gave me, I need to find Lucas. Where is the red headed Lucas? I demanded an explanation right away. Precipitously, someone pushed me from the back.

"Do you want me to die here?" I yelled to the one who pushes me. My face turned red because I'm controlling my anger from bursting out. When I looked back that guy is Lucas. 

"I'm sorry." He said it with a face that hopes I forgive him. He is my childhood friend, we both met at a music store while both our parent were about to buy a piano for us. "Follow me." I grabbed his arm and quickly move toward the piano room.

"What do you mean with this note?" I showed him the note from Madam Linda's class. But he suddenly mimics JB's singing what do you mean in front of me �" maybe to cheer me up. "Stop mimicking Justin, answer my question."

He sat beside me and told that he heard very great piano duo this morning, which is Eric and I. "So you assume that I'm dating him?" 

"Yes, both of you looked very happy talking like a pair of couple. If he is not your boyfriend, who is he?" 

"His name is Eric Lim. Architecture student and……"

"And what?"

"I don't know. I just know his name and which department he is from. I like him. This is the first time I feel different. I feel very comfortable with him; his smile is like a drug to me, very addictive." Lucas' face changed, he gave me a perverted smile. "You are in L.O.V.E. what do that spell? Love." 


I took a shower after the tiring volleyball practice; the coach said that I'm not focusing on the game, maybe because my mind ran towards Eric every time. I couldn't help but think about him, the way his finger presses the key and produces the magical tunes. I wish to know more about him. ‘Wait! He gave his number silly, so text him now. He must be waiting for you.' Arguing with own self about a guy that I met early in the morning.

V: Hey, it's me, Veronica.

E: Hello, Veronica! I thought you will never contact me. XD

V: Hahaha. I couldn't remove you from my mind. Omaigosh! Why I'm so straight with you.                       

E: What? Still the dramatic little girl, by the way, I'm busy with my drawing right now. See you tomorrow. T_T.

V: Okay, can't wait for tomorrow.

I kept smiling until I sailed to the dream world, hoping for Eric to appear in her dream.


The morning air gave me freshness to cycle quickly to school. I couldn't wait to meet Eric. Does he feel the same as me? I parked the bicycle and run to the piano room. I was lucky because I didn't get caught by the discipline teacher. The school is quite strict, no running while wearing a formal uniform, hair must be in braid or tie in a ponytail for the girl, blah, blah, blah. I stop by the toilet and fix my appearance, and after that, I slowly walk to the piano room. Suddenly Eric hugged me from the back, "hello, Veronica!"

My cheeks blushed as red as a ripe strawberry, I feel so embarrassed by his spontaneous action. As we entered the room Eric kept staring at me and make my face in a high meter of embarrassment. "Stop it! My face will explode at this rate." He burst into laughter. I gave him a sour face and start pressing ugly tunes on the keys. 

"Eric, you are good at piano but why do you choose architecture? Why do you always come here? Why you approach me? Why hugged me?" I looked at the old piano keys. Why my mouth spilt all the questions I had in my mind. I'm so embarrassed to face him. I never have this kind of conversation with a guy; this is the first time my heart throbbed so fast like it is mad.

"Wow! One by one pleases. I want to design my own world that is why I'm studying architecture. I always come here because I want to meet you. You got this aura that makes me want to talk to you, you always smile and most important part you talk freely to everyone even it is your first chat with them. I was teasing you with that hug. Our class will start soon, see after the school's end." He heads straight to the door, I was left alone. Wait. Where should we meet? I must ask him fast before he's out of my vision. I ran to the door ask the question loudly, he raised his hand and say "I will text you." A smile decorated my blushing face and suddenly realised that everyone at the corridor is looking at me. Oh no! I should hide forever. 

I walked with my head down hoping people didn't notice me. Beep! Someone texted me, it was Eric.

E: Meet me at your bicycle. 

V: Okay. XD

I'm excited to meet him after school so I finish all my duty before I left the class, I'm the class rep. sometimes the teacher will ask me to help them, so better ran away from that quickly. I skidded to the place I parked by bicycle. "Hurry up! I want to show you something."

He rode the bicycle through the park and head toward a smaller road. The view was wonderful like I'd been sucked into wonderland. I feel the nature singing happily to me, my body started to dance and because of that both of us fell from the bicycle. Both of us laugh at ourselves. "Where are we?" I threw him a question. 

"Welcome to my wonderland, I'm the mad pianist and you must be Alice." He tried to imitate my dramatic action. There is a cabin, an old one maybe. It got the structure of the classic American cabin. It was amazing to see this wonderful creation, my finger started to compose a song about the thing I saw. "Come in." Eric opened the door for me. 

The cabin was decorated in black and white vintage theme and I'm really excited, so I kept walking through every room and suddenly I bumped into a beautiful woman. She got a shiny black hair; her body is a model type one. I'm so amazed I couldn't stop staring at her. "Mama, I brought her here but I couldn't find where she wanders around the cabin. Do you see her anywhere? She got long wavy brown hair with a pair of mysterious green eyes, do you see her?" "Eric." His mama is this beautiful woman. Wow! 

 "Take a seat, I will get some drink." His mother walk politely to the kitchen, she is so beautiful, I want to be like her. My eyes froze at his mother, I observe her every action, Eric suddenly cupped my face "Look at me, you scares me." I started to blush. This is embarrassing. 

After spending the evening with his family, Eric sent me to my bicycle, he keeps staring at me and I don't know why he looks like he is stopping himself from something. "Hey!" I hit him on the shoulder, his eyes blinked a few times like he now back from another dimension.

"Ride carefully." He pinches my cheeks and waves me goodbye when I started to ride away from him. "I love you, Veronica!" I stopped my bike and found him running towards me. He wraps me in his arms and both of us kissed, we are officially dating started from that day. 


"He proposed." The simple sentences I told Lucas to make him scream joyfully. "Girl, you are so lucky to have him. What kind of wedding will you have? Gosh! I need a new suit for your wedding. Oh, Vee, I can't believe this is happening. Let me play my new song on your big day. Got to go, there are a lot of things to do special for your wedding." 

My eyes follow the trace of Lucas leaving me, what a dramatic friend I have but at the same time, I'm excited too. I still thought myself was dreaming when he set his wish to make me as his wife. After all the way both, us been through it is so satisfying to make him mine. It was my colourful page of life since we both met.

Okay! Here's our big day. We are all excited and our family hoping for the best wedding for their beloved child. And here we go everything ran smoothly, our garden theme wedding is simple but we all simply felt the happiness and joy to this momentous day. As promised Lucas composed a very sweet melody for us, I couldn't stop smiling on that day. I don't want this to stop; I love this moment the most.

"Congratulation" Every person I faced that day congratulated us. We all sing and dance celebrating my wedding with Eric, but who knew our life together is not a happy forever after. No one could read the future if one's could I would ask them about my life and changed the part of my sad life. I would drive crazy if I lose Eric and yes, I became crazy the moment after he died.

It was raining the day he died, it was a stressful day for him, woke up late and I spilt coffee on his important document. He was very mad that day. I couldn't say a word to make him okay. I'm not fed up yet. I called him every single minute I got but none of them he picked up, I feel hopeless. My work at the school was a mess and suddenly I fainted in the class when I woke up they all look at me with mixed feeling, mama hugged me and congratulated me for my first baby. 

I started to smile and asked them for a phone because I wanted to dial Eric's phone. All my tries went straight to the voice mail. I started to cry and scream all my might out of my body. There's nothing to calm me down and the worse part it the news of Eric's death. That completely broke me into pieces. I started to talk with myself, delusions Eric was there with me talking to the baby - myself slowly turning crazy. 

I stared out of my window trying to find Eric that will sooner come home from work, when there was no sign of him I will start screaming and throwing everything I saw, I even have the strength to throw away the television when I start to be uncontrolled. My mother and his mama will always take care of me and the baby inside me. They talk to me, gave the spirit for me continue living a normal life and accept the truth that Eric's is gone. None of that affects me, I'm still couldn't accept it and continue delusions Eric is here with us.

After a few months there were no change and everyone start to give up on me but they still there with me for the baby. They let me be and think that Eric is always there with me as long as I didn't harm myself and the baby. 


It was raining heavily that day, Sky the daughter patiently prepared breakfast for her ill mother. She never got time to party around like girl her age; they even isolated her for having such a freak mother. The second she opened her mother door, she senses something strange but she ignored it because the mother was still lying still on the bed in a deep sleep. "I'm going mum, today's the selection to the piano national competition. Wish me luck." Sky kissed the mother goodbye a left the breakfast beside her and quickly headed school.

The rain keeps pouring heavily like it is crying for someone's death. Sky put all her heart into her melody remembering her mother used to play great tunes when her sickness appeared. Everyone in the hall claps crazily like she won an Oscar that time. She couldn't believe she was advance to the national competition but the happiness didn't last long when her grandmamma sad face entered the room turning the surrounding in melancholic. 

"Be strong my dear. She already suffered a lot since your daddy death" Her dam already leaking due to sadness mix with happiness to her mother. She feels grateful because her mother could finally find her own peace. 


© 2016 Bella Vee

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Bella Vee
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