Kidnapped Dream

Kidnapped Dream

A Story by Boogabaah

A short story of fewer than 500 words about last night's dream.


The ground was wet with recent rains as I walked through the alley to try and see the sky. It was still mostly clouded over so I had to walk a long way. Everything was dark, no lights in windows, no shops open, and few people on streets. I couldn’t see what I was looking for so I turned back towards home. Suddenly I was on my back being held up several feet off the ground by an unseen force. The man set me back down and hugged me. He was drunk and thrilled to see me. I tried to explain that I was going home but he insisted I go with him.

  Riding in his truck next to this man, he reminisced about being in high school with me, I couldn’t really remember him as he morphed into different people. We drove several towns away from my home, I was cold and unprepared to make this journey but stayed polite. I pointed out buildings that my parents once lived in. This caused the man to become emotional and to cry a little like I shared some great secret about myself with him. I was beginning to be creeped out and thought he might never let me go.

   In a garage with his friends, they offered me a beer. I didn’t take it but instead tried to text my boyfriend to come get me. I asked if he was coming to that town to get his paycheck.

  Something scared the dog and she woke me up with a bark and by jumping on my legs. She ran around grumbling and growling. I lay there watching her blur run from one window to the other until she calmed down and came back to bed. This time she tried to snuggle with my head instead of curling up in her blanket nest at the foot of the bed.

  I lay there thinking about the dream until I fell back asleep.

© 2017 Boogabaah

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Author's Note

Get ready for nanowrimo 2017 by writing a story every day until November 1st

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Added on October 18, 2017
Last Updated on October 18, 2017




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