A Story by Boogabaah

“Who wants to go look at a boat?” He asked. He was thrilled to look at more boats. His family was over it. They had spent the summer on a boat and just wanted to be home for the winter but he insisted that they could buy a larger boat and winter on it if they headed south. 
      “I’m done being seasick and I’d like to sleep on a regular bed.” His wife said as she put her coat on. She helped the two kids into their coats and boots before they headed out the door. “Plus it’d be nice to have a full sized fridge to fill and not have to go shopping three times a week.” He only laughed at this. 
     They piled into the car and drove two hours to the marina. It was a warm afternoon with puffy clouds overhead. He parked the car near the dock with the boat they planned to look at. 
     “Hello, you must be the Oak family!” Said a kind-faced old man as they exited their car. 
     “Hey, yes. I’m Dill and this is my wife Sally and that’s the twins.” The twins hated to be referred to this way. Sometimes they wondered if their father even knew their names or could tell them apart. They assumed he couldn’t because they were constantly playing games with him by switching names. 
   The men shook hands and exchanged pleasantries while the family stood on the dock looking bored with everything. 
   The men boarded the boat and began to poke around at all the features and gadgets aboard the vessel. 
    “Shall we take her for a drive out on the lake?” The old man asked. He never introduced himself. Sally was not sure what to call him. She helped the twins board the boat and she looked for life vest but couldn’t find any. She started to tell her husband but it was too late now, they were already away from the dock and headed out into the water. 
    “Boys, sit there and don’t move.” She instructed her children. As they made their way out into the center of the lake the winds began to pick up and blow the small craft around. This made Sally nervous. Boats always made her nervous, she was nervous all summer on their friend's boat but now her husband wanted a boat of his own.
    The engine sputtered then died. A thick black cloud of smoke billowed out of the engine compartment followed by a loud bang and an explosion that tossed the five of them into the water. The boat was completely destroyed. 
    Sally broke the surface of the lake with a scream. She called for the twins. She called for her husband. She called over and over but they were nowhere to be found. Other boats headed towards what was left of the boat floating on the lake but it was too late. Sally had lost too much blood and sank to the bottom. 

© 2017 Boogabaah

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Added on October 20, 2017
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A Story by Boogabaah